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Why Use Email Marketing

Your hosted email is a wonderful thing, and works well for a lot of one-on-one customer interactions. However, it is not made for mass mailing. There are sending limits in place to protect you in the event that you have an email address that gets compromised. Sending to more than 15 recipients at a time can set off spam alarms not only on receiving servers but also on the sending servers. So how do you send an email to your full customer base? Email Marketing.

Email marketing is built to send out mass mailings to your customers or subscriber list without restricting your email account. Here a SiteDart we offer two solutions for your email marketing needs.

Email Marketing Directly Through Your Website

For our TaxPro, Small Business PRO, and Managed hosting accounts, we can supply you with a way to handle your email marketing directly through your website. This can be added to your existing subscription or  requested when you signup for one of these products. Contact us to get started.

CreateSend Email Marketing Service

Our CreateSend Email Marketing service is handled separately from your website. You can find more about this service at

Which solution is right for you? Contact us to find out more… 

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