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Which Content Management System should I use?

What type of Content Management System you will use for your small business will depend on what you are likely going to use your website for.

SiteDart’s Web Business Builder – will help you create a quick and nice looking small business website. It is search engine friendly like the other CMS but the modules or plugins are already built in so you don’t have to search. With Web Business Builder, you have the capability of adding an optional, integrated online store and Adword campaign manager as well. Very easy to use. Learn more about Web Business Builder.

WordPress – The most popular CMS. If you want to have a blog, business ite or E-Commerce solution, then you should consider WordPress. WordPress allows you to post your articles and others to comment back, while archiving these articles. There are lots of plugins that provide more functionality for your site (Online shop, Booking System, Realtors package). Updating WordPress, themes and plugins can be an issue unless you use a Managed service. Easy-ish to use. Sitedart Hosting Small Business Pro package can help you get started quickly and inexpensively.

Joomla! – is very popular for creating corporate websites, intranets and social network sites. It is also used a lot for online magazines. Joomla has a few built in features and a large selection of optional modules you can plug in. Requires more technical understanding than WordPress.

Drupal – will allow a small business to create many different types of web pages from simple blogs to online communities. It is not as fancy as Joomla! But it’s very easy to customize. Requires the most technical knowledge.

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