CMS – CMS or Custom Designed Website?

A content management system (CMS) is critical to the success of any website 

Custom designed website or a CMS like WordPress or Web Business Builder?

So why choose one website type over another? Hopefully this breakdown will help.

Reasons to choose a CMS website

  1. Generally less expensive
  2. Can do it yourself – little technical expertise needed
  3. Quickly update your website
  4. Easier Management

Reasons to choose a custom website

  1. Able to create more complex sites
  2. Work with a programmer to get custom actions
  3. Work with a designer for a unique look and feel
  4. Custom integration of third-party software

Choosing a CMS website does not mean you cannot have someone else build or maintain it for you. But it does empower you to make that choice. You can build your own, you can have someone in your office maintain it for you, or you can have a web developer create your small business website.

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