WEB DESIGN – How to Create a Customer Friendly Website

Your Website is the Core of your Online Business Presence

Here are some characteristics you want to make sure your website has:

Easy Navigation
Your site should be easy to navigate and understand. There are common elements and pages such as an About page, Contact page or Testimonials page users are used to seeing.

Page Loading Speed
Try not to make your website with too many graphics, videos or flash components. Less is more and will help pages load faster so customers get what they need ASAP.

Informative Pages
Think of your website as a menu and each section needs to be complete and descriptive as possible.

Make It Accessible
Not everyone will reach your website via a computer. Many of them will look at your site via their smartphone. Is your site mobile-friendly?

Maintain Branding
Do customers know you because of your company name? Logo? Your personality? Make sure all of that is available and featured on every page.

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