TECHNICAL TOPICS – How Do I Get My Website To Load Faster?

The faster your site, the better your search engine rankings

Not only will a faster site be more enjoyable for your visitors, your website’s load time is a factor in its search engine rankings.

Follow these tips to improve the load time on your pages.

  1. Optimize the size of images for the web. Large images will slow the page load time. Optimization makes page loads faster by lowering the resolution and/or size of the image. You can also make images smaller by saving them in JPEG or GIF formats.
  2. Compress your website’s code. To increase load speed, go through your website’s code and take out any unnecessary elements like HTML comments, white space, or unused CSS and JavaScript.
  3. Order of stylesheets is important. Place CSS code at the top of your HTML documents in the HEAD section.
  4. Use Caching or a CDN Caching is a way to reduce processing or loading time for commonly accessed parts of your website. A CDN is a little bit like a cache for parts of your website that don’t change. And you don’t have to be a tech wizard to get started! It’s easy to use a CDN service like CloudFlare, or if your website uses WordPress, a plugin like WP Super Cache, to speed up your load times.
  5. Sign up for Managed WordPress FIND OUT MOREIf you have a WordPress website, our Managed Service optimizes your site for speed and safety. We also enhance your SEO.
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