WEB DESIGN – Does my Website need to be Redesigned?

Should I redesign my website? If you’ve asked yourself this question, the answer is more than likely yes. 

We’ve put together some tips for knowing when it’s time to redesign your website. There are two main reasons why a large-scale redesign is necessary for a website:

  1. A content redesign: if your website previously was not properly conveying information about your business. This could also be called an SEO redesign.
  2. A layout redesign: If your website was made awhile ago, then its layout may be unfortunately outdated. Unlike narrow ties and fat ties that go in and out of style, website advances tend to keep progressing. It is really unlikely that blinking text will ever come back in style. At least, we can hope.

How do I know if my website needs to be redesigned?

  • Competitors are outranking you in search engine results (Content Redesign)
  • If it’s been more than 5 years since your last redesign (Layout Redsign)
  • Site navigation is slow (Layout and/or Content Redsign)
  • You can’t update content without help from a programmer or web designer (Layout Redsign)
  • You’re not getting a lot of website traffic (Content Redesign)
  • Your website doesn’t display correctly in the latest browsers (Layout Redsign)

If your site is irritating to visit, then look at redesigning how the site looks and operates.

If your site doesn’t get you the number of visitors you are expecting (based on the market size and similar competitors), then look at sprucing up the content.

Although it may not seem like a big deal, staying current helps you stand out. This is something you definitely want to do.

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