INTERMEDIATE – How do I switch my Name Servers?

If you are moving your website from one hosting company to another, you need to switch your nameservers

You should be able find your name servers after you login to your domain’s control panel. If you have more than one domain name in that account you should have to go into that particular domain name to make the change.

The registrar you are using will determine how easy or frustrating it will be to change the name servers. You will need to change, add or delete the current name servers and click save. Make sure you get the proper name servers to your new hosted website.

SiteDart Hosting’s Name Servers are:


It may take up to 24-48 hours for the domain name to switch from the old site to the new site after replacing the current name servers. Some visitors to your website may see the new site quicker than others since some providers update servers more often. So make sure your new website has the proper content you want visitors to see.

Once you have completed the name server change you can then begin the process of transferring your domain name to the new hosting company. Learn How Do I Transfer My Domain Name?

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