BASICS – I Bought a Domain Somewhere Else, Can I Host at Sitedart?

What should you do if your name is already registered elsewhere?

What if I don’t want to transfer my domain name?

You are able to have a domain name at another registrar and still have your website hosted at SiteDart Hosting. If you have the username and password to access to the domain where it is registered and renewed then it only takes a couple of steps.

Note: Changes made to DNS (domain name servers) usually take around 24-48 hours to complete. During this time period these changes can affect your website, email and FTP connection.

  1. To avoid an additional downtime make sure you have a copy of your website, or your new website files in place at the new hosting location.
  2. If you have email based on your domain name (i.e. you will need to have it setup at a new host prior to changing DNS.
  3. Login to the registrar where your domain name is registered.
  4. Locate the Name Servers listings for your domain name where you have it registered. Every registrar has a different procedure for changing your domain’s name servers but generally they are all done the same way.
  5. Normally there are two name servers listed for a domain, though sometimes you may see more listed depending on the host. Your current name servers will look similar to this NS1.MY-REGISTRAR.COM and NS2.MY-REGISTRAR.COM
  6. You will need to replace your current domain name server with the servers required by your new hosting company. If you are hosting your website at SiteDart Hosting the domain name servers are NS11.SITEDART.NET and NS12.SITEDART.NET.
  7. Click the OK or ENTER button, depending on registrar.

Once you have made the domain name server adjustment the changes will take approximately 24-48 hours to display the new hosting location.

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