BASICS -What Are Country Codes?

Country Codes, What Are They?

How cool are Country Codes? Have you seen those domain names ending in .UK and .DE and wondered what that was all about? Well some domain names, or TLDs for Top Level Domains, are country specific extensions.

Some of these Country Code TLDs may be limited to a country or region and you would need to meet the terms and conditions for getting one registered. But some are open and available to the public.

A few examples of those that have terms for registration
.AC for Ascension Island
.BE for Belgium
.CA for Canada
.DE for Germany
.US for United States
.UK for United Kingdom

A few examples of those that have fewer restrictions
.IN for India. But anyone in the world can register a .IN
.LA is an open Top Level Domain but would be good for Los Angeles. Anyone can register a .LA
.NU means “NOW” in some European countries. Anyone can register a .NU
.WS for Western Samoa but is branded as WebSite. Anyone can register a .WS

Wondering how you can use some of the open registration ones? It might be a fun way to get a domain name you’ve been wanting. But remember, most people default to the .COM when they type.

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