BASICS -What Is a Premium Domain Name?

Why does the new domain name I want cost so much?

You may have looked up a domain name, found it listed as a premium domain name and wondered what that meant. Premium listings come with a higher price, sometimes a lot higher price than a regular domain name.Premium domain names have been previously owned but are now available to be bought. Premium domains such as keyword friendly short .COM’s have become popular. Their limited availability will command a higher price. Price is based on their marketability and is usually very competitive in markets like real estate agents, lawyers, and consultants. Most premium domains are .coms but there are a few .biz, .org, and .net.

Here are some reasons why a domain may be listed as Premium

  • Previously registered for years giving you an advantage in establishing SEO and building traffic
  • They are generic and easily spelled
  • Descriptive and keyword rich
  • Often short, memorable, highly brandable

You can find a domain name that can really help secure the branding of your business for just a little more than you would normally pay for a domain. Being very search engine friendly can drive more traffic to your website.

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