ADVANCED – Find out who owns a Domain Name

 If you want to verify the owner of a domain name or see when one expires, a WHOIS lookup will help.

Need to know who is the owner of a domain name? Then you should use our free Domain lookup tool. Simply enter the domain name you want to search for and in a jiffy you’ll know if the domain you want is available. What this tool provides you is the Whois Record information for that domain name.

This information is really helpful for picking a name for your website. If the domain name you’re searching for has already been bought you’ll be able to see a lot about the owner of that domain name.

3 things you can learn from the Whois Lookup of a domain:

  • Registrant’s name and contact information
  • Name Servers where domain is hosted or parked
  • Creation and expiration date of the domain

This information can be useful to you if the domain name is one you really want to have. If the domain name is already owned but does not have a website associated with it, this contact information could lead you to make an offer. Learn more about the Whois Record information.

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