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If you’re after a solution that allows for a simple interface that is easy to setup, update and manage, WordPress is an excellent solution. There are professional-looking themes that you can install with nothing more than a few clicks of your mouse – most of these are free. If you’re worried about setting the site up, there are plenty of folks out there who do WordPress site builds for reasonable rates (SiteDart Studio is a good choice). We will even take the time to run through basic WordPress functions with you so that you can update and change the website as often as you like without paying additional fees or giving yourself a migraine.

To help you get started, SiteDart Hosting has the Small Business Pro package. These websites give your small business a starting framework in WordPress. Designs can be customized and plugins added to give you functionality like an online store, events calendar, invoicing and more. Offering a unique payment scheme, Small Business Pro allows your company a starting point for any business website without the large overhead most design firms require to get started.

Get a basic website started and grow your site easily as you grow.


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