Change of Ownership Forms


This form should only be filled out if you are unable to log into your account using the currently listed email address on file with SiteDart Hosting. We at SiteDart Hosting are also unable to assist since you are unable to verify through the following security channels set up on your account:

Security Question(s) or lack thereof
Provide last 4 digits of current credit card on file (if applicable)
Provide account’s current password for us to confirm its validity

Pursuant to the Terms of Service, in order to gain access, you are required to substantially provide the following information along with a scanned copy of a legible government photo ID that can be used to match your name with the listed owner we have on file. If the owner of the account is a company, please provide identification of the president/owner of the business as well as documents that substantially demonstrates the existence of the company:

Name of Hosting Account or Domain Name associated: 


Company Name (optional):



The current email address listed on file for the account:

The new email address requested to have account updated with:

Once complete, please scan the following information to or you can fax to 828-349-5764. Once received, any filed form will be processed within 5-7 days from the date of receipt by SiteDart Hosting.

You can also mail the completed form to us at the following:

SiteDart Hosting – Change of Ownership
189 East Palmer St.
Franklin, NC 28734

PLEASE NOTE: Filing one of the forms on the following pages with SiteDart Hosting does not guarantee any changes. SiteDart Hosting reserves the right to accept or reject the request for any reason in its sole and absolute discretion.