Robin Rae Alvarez Business Owner, Rae’s Accounting, LLC

“I was looking for a new host for my webpage and contacted SiteDart.  After speaking to a representative with knowledge of my needs, my web site was smoothly transferred to SiteDart. I may be technically challenged and didn’t use the right terminology but the ‘Sitedart Team’ completely understood what I wanted/needed to do and the whole transfer took five days!  I also mentioned I was shopping to have my webpage redesigned, Site Dart said they could help with that, and after multiple *and I do mean multiple* emails I signed the proposal for the website to be developed.  When I received the email with the review I was very satisfied.  Above my expectations.  ‘Sitedart Studio’ was extremely patient with me and all my small word changes, questions and instructions to administer appointments and edits on my webpage. ”Sitedart’ responds to my emails quite quickly, which to me is amazing as sometimes when I email companies asking questions it may take days for a response.”

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Sitedart Hosting was founded in 2009 in North Carolina as an expansion of Dnet Internet Services (1995). Sitedart Hosting provides service to thousands of customers around the country, with a focus on small businesses. We’ve built a reputation of providing great support with a personal touch.