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SiteDart Studio knows tax preparer websites…

Websites designed for Tax Preparers. SiteDart builds mobile ready responsive designs for your new tax website. Each site comes complete with a great set of tax tools, calculators, and ready-to-use text that you can change to your liking.

Each site comes with the modern designs that large companies use today. Tons of great artwork for your business style and tons of functionality. Runs on WordPress, which powers the largest number of websites on the Internet, WordPress offers features to help you grow. Start basic and then grow with some powerful addons like online appointment booking, newsletters and more. For more information…

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Our Mission

We exist to serve small businesses.  Whether you just need a basic website or all the bells and whistles an online presence can provide.  If you’re not sure what you need, just ask us and we’ll recommend a solution for you.  Our goal is to provide the services you need, to see your business succeed.  We have a great support staff that are ready to assist you and are here to help!

With a  focus on the human experience, we don’t think of you as a potential buyer, customer, or client. We understand that on both sides of any interaction, conversation and purchase are two people who just want to be treated as humans.

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